Ajmal Steel Tubes & Pipes Industries LLC is committed to total Customer satisfaction by providing products and services that meet or exceed their expectations, through continual improvement of Quality management system.

Quality Assurance

Ajmal Steel Tubes & Pipes Industries LLC committed to enhance its customers value with products and services that set industry standards for quality and performance. We relentlessly strive to deliver the best and understand the value of continual improvement setting goals and objectives throughout the organization to ensure that we are meeting our customer expectations with our products and services.

Quality Objectives

We will continually strive to improve upon the Quality of our products and services by:

  • Establishing and maintaining sound Quality management system.
  • Motivating our employees to utilize their creativity through team works.
  • Upgrading skills and technology by training and development of our employees.
  • Ensuring competitiveness in business and working towards the future needs of customers. Increasing the profitability and growth of the organization.
  • The policy statement reaffirms the commitment of management and all elements of the organization for achieving excellence on a continual basis.